Quality Policy and ISO Documents

Our aim is to adopt quality as a common responsibility of all our employees and to create a working environment where every single service is kept under control from the beginning to the end of production.

We commit and and declare to;

Gusto Technology with ISO Certificate Privilege

ISO Quality Certificates are an abbreviated form of the International Standards Organization. ISO Certificate is proof that businesses provide services in accordance with a certain standard and that they have competencies in this service area. ISO Certificate, which is a strong reference in terms of giving quality and professional service, is given in various documents due to its different quality standards. Gusto Technology, which has ISO Certificates, has proven its quality and competence by going through different processes such as qualification analysis and conformity assessment. After all these processes and after a strict audit, ISO Certificate is given to the enterprise that has reached certain standards and has sufficient competence in its field.


ISO 9001 Certificate is a proof that we provide meticulous and disciplined service to our customers in accordance with their requests and expectations. With the ISO Certificate in this field, our customers' trust in us increases even more and our quality image is strengthened even more. Quality Management System ISO Certificate, which means corporate identity and stability for businesses, makes Gusto Technology even more exclusive and preferable.

What are the advantages of this Certificate for you?

is a guarantee.

ISO 27001:2013 information Security Management System

ISO 27001 Certificate is a proof that we, as Gusto Technology, provide professional and quality service to our customers by keeping all information confidential in a professional environment while giving service. Since all of your information contains personal information or labor, it is the kind of information that should not be shared with third parties. With this document, Gusto Teknoloji proves that it serves its customers in accordance with the principles of privacy policy. 

What are the advantages of this Certificate for you?

is a guarentee.

ISO 10002:2018 Customer Satisfaction. Complaints Handling

In recent years, with the increase of companies serving in the same field, customer satisfaction has become a distinguishing feature and reference for the companies. This document, which increases the image of companies in the market and is a great reference to other customers, adds the meaning of a company that prevents negativities, determines a road map in line with the feedback from customers and prioritizes customer satisfaction. With this ISO Certificate, Gusto Technology is a platform that has registered that its primary goal is customer satisfaction.

What are the advantages of this Certificate for you?

is a guarantee.

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