Human Resources

We believe that our employees are one of the main forces that carry us to success in the implementation of the Company's strategies and targets.  With a "people first" approach, we aim to increase our productivity through systems and practices that provide opportunities and contributions to the development of our employees, as well as their motivation, job satisfaction and happiness.

Recruiting Qualified Workforce to the Community

Human Resources Management

Gusto Technology aims to select and recruit people who have corporate values, who will carry the group into the future, and who are the best qualified workforce for the job. Gusto Technology aims to meet the future workforce needs of the community with a global perspective and proactive approach to selection and recruitment.

Investing in Employee Development

Creating the right development and opportunity environment for employees to continuously develop and reach their potential, creating a culture where managers take responsibility for employee development and regularly monitor employee performance, conducting the development of employees in order to create a qualified, successful workforce are the main responsibilities of Human Resources.

Improving the Organization

In order to ensure the continuity of the group's success, Human Resources priorities include continuously reviewing the organization, systems and processes, structuring them in line with the needs, monitoring the performance of employees with high potential, evaluating them in line with the current and future needs of the group, and increasing internal assignments and rotation practices for the development of employees and the organization.

Total Reward Mangement

The purpose of Human Resources is to offer competitive reward management practices that will attract qualified workforce to the company and increase employee loyalty; to encourage employees to take responsibility for their own work results; to recognize and reward the contribution, success and high performance of employees; to reward employees in line with the responsibilities they carry and the value they add to the organization.

Increasing Employee Motivation and Commitment

Human Resources aims to create a participatory, sharing, transparent culture that values diversity and creativity, to take into account the suggestions and expectations of employees, to continuously develop approaches that strengthen loyalty, and to provide a safe, healthy and ethical work environment that ensures a balance between work and private life.

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